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Lotus Granges (India) LTD

LOTUS GRANGES (INDIA) Ltd., was established by  Shri. Danta Srinivas with a motto to provide Innovative, Timely and Quality laboratory services to the stakeholders and to be recognized as a Great place to work and grow Professionally.

Lotus Granges was incorporated under the companies Act :1956 as a limited company in April 1998.Since its inception Lotus Granges, an independent Research & Development consultancy organization and in house Research and Development center with LABORATORY facility has rendered services in Pharmaceuticals, Food products, Aquaculture, Ores & Minerals and  Environmental studies.

    Lotus Granges is accredited by NABL as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017 vide certificate no TC-10301, approved by Drug Control Administration (DCA), certified by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

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LGIL Services

Chemical Testing

Chemical testing and analysis is vital for regulatory compliance and to understand the quality and composition of chemical substances and materials that are used in products, industrial processes and manufacturing. Specialist industry knowledge, and expertise in applying the most relevant methodology are the keys to successful chemical testing. Advanced analytical instrumentation or a combination of techniques is necessary to solve problems or determine composition.

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Biological Testing

Biological test methods describe standardized experiments that determine the toxicity of a substance or material by evaluating its effect on living organisms. Tests are designed to use appropriate organisms and sensitive effect measurements in the media of interest for specified test duration.

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Environmental Testing

Environmental monitoring is a method to analyze the environmental parameters and conditions, which directly impact the atmosphere, and thereby public health and natural resources. Environment monitoring is employed to comprehend the condition of the air, water, and even the soil.

Lotus Granges provides environmental testing services with comprehensive organic and inorganic analyses of Air, Water, Soil, and Waste characterization

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Ores and minerals

Minerals are naturally occurring chemical substances obtained from the earth’s crust, whereas, ores are those minerals from which metals can be extracted easily and in abundant amounts. Another important point to note is- all minerals are not ores but all ores are essentially minerals too. Owing to the diversity & complexity of the types of ore produced, the composition & crystallization state of them vary a lot.

Minerals are either metallic or non-metallic and possess unique physical and chemical properties. To study and test the properties of a certain mineral, it is important to understand its elemental composition first. These compositions include calcium, magnesium, sulphur, phosphorus, total carbon content, etc.

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Food Testing

Owing to its hazardous consequences on health, many people have now become more cautious about the quality of the food they buy and eat. Governments all over the world too, taking due cognizance of the health and safety of their citizens, have brought in place numerous laws and legislations that mandate the food sold in their countries to be of a certain high quality. Therefore, in the wake of protecting public health, ‘food testing’ has become mandatory in the world in general, and in India in particular.

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Aqua Culture

The aquaculture sector is constantly evolving along with an increase in popularity of seafood and other related products among consumers. During various fishing and aquaculture practices, the food could be exposed to harmful residues, organic and inorganic contaminants. Tests at our Lotus Granges  can help manufacturers identify and deal with these problematic aspects of the process.

Water quality is very important in Aqua farming as poor quality water can affect the health and growth of aquaculture species. It is important that farmers pay attention to the water chemical and physical factors

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