Landfill Construction


In India we hardly see sanitary landfills that are managed scientifically. If the Municipal solid waste is dumped in an open dump yard it will pollute the groundwater and creates a nuisance to the surrounding areas. Many cities are suffering with this problem including metropolitan cities. In future, the waste dumpsite must no less than a scientifically managed landfill otherwise the public will have to face a large number of health and environmental hazards.


Thus, we have established a special department for Landfill Technology and Constructional Engineering Department that always responds early to the public requirements. We offer cost-effective landfill construction and management proposals, waste disposal, site designing and several rehabilitation plans.


LGIL employs experts from a great variety of specialist fields, whose expert knowledge assures competent and professional handling of the entire complex of Landfill Engineering. From the beginning of the search for a suitable location to the conclusion of the operating period, we are able to offer our customer all necessary sub-service.