Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit


To protect the environment and mitigate existing damage, environmental impact assessment (EIA) has become an integrated component in the project planning and execution of major infrastructure projects, industrial and urban developments, and pollution abatement schemes.


The holistic EIA approach integrates an evaluation of the potential physical, chemical, biological socioeconomic health effects and ecological hazards related to specific projects and programmes. LGIL undertakes the initial evaluations of existing available information; the planning, supervision and execution of survey to obtain the necessary base line data; the assessment of possible environmental impacts on natural resources; the assessment of possible health impacts and the changes in living conditions in affected areas.


Environmental health impacts are mostly related to hygienic problems from water borne and airborne pathogens, and to human exposure to chemical originating from poorly managed industries and hazardous waste sites. Contaminant such as nitrites, nitrate, fluorides, heavy metals, pesticides and PCBs in food and drinking water might have severe impacts on public health. LGIL involved in programmes to protect drinking water resources from human impact and has an extensive expertise in using predictive measures to access hazard potentials from hazardous waste sites.


A cost-effective energy efficient management plants, will be suggested to our clients along with efficient pollution control measures in meeting their statutory ISO certifications