Microorganisms are omni present. They are both harmful and harmless in nature. Their load in air, water and foodstuffs reflects its quality.


Waters of all kinds contain a variety of microorganisms derived from various sources like soil and vegetation. Estimation of overall number provides useful information for assessment and surveillance of water quality. Food and Microorganisms have long and interesting associations. Foods are not only of nutritional value to those who consume them but also are ideal culture media for microbial growth. Organism may contaminate food that causes food poisoning and may give rise to many clinical symptoms. Industries like aquaculture, food processing and preservation industry etc. and those which use water and food as sources need microbial examination at frequent intervals.


LGIL has full-fledged microbiology division for testing the quality of water and food. Consultancy services are also provided to sort out problems related to environment.


Quality Certification Unit of LGIL’s Microbiology division:


The following are for quality estimations according to IS/BIS norms


  1. Microbiological examination of Drinking water
  2. Microbiological examination of waters for shrimp culture practices
  3. Microbiological examination of Food stuffs (feed & food)
  4. Microbiological examination of Cosmetic products
  5. Microbiological examination in Air samples
  6. Microbiological examination in Frozen shrimp
  7. Special Activities LGIL Microbiology Division