Waster Water Treatment


In recent years LGIL has developed and expanded its significant special knowledge in a large number of areas dealing with municipal and industrial wastewater and cooling water treatment.


LGIL’s know-how within the field of wastewater process technology includes activated sludge nutrient removal; process layout, trouble shooting, mathematical models for sewers and wastewater treatment plants.


Industrial Wastewater Treatment is a multi-disciplinary field that demands a highly qualified understanding of the interrelationship between industrial production, wastewater composition, effluent requirements and the selection of treatment process for maximum efficiency. Transient loading and industrial wastewaters discharged into public sewer often have a large negative impact on the plant performances. LGIL offers highly specialized services, such as catchment’s area analysis, methods for impact assessments on plant processes, development managerial tools, detoxification process and handling of toxic wastes.


In dealing with industrial wastewater treatment each case should be recognized as a unique integrated interaction between production and end-of-pipe treatment. Thus, possibilities for reclamation and recycling of process water are a natural part of the LGIL services.


Most of the thermal industries are using age-old cooling water treatment procedures however. Cooling towers need natural water with less available biological organisms and impurities. LGIL has a novel technology to meet the standards for cooling water towers to over come the above problems.