Higher doses of antibiotics to kill bacteria may increase resistance of bacteria towards antibiotics. In this context farmers need to have knowledge about minimum required doses of antibiotics to the particular bacterial concentration. LGIL will conduct the bioassays/antibiotic-assays for safe use of antibiotics:


  1. Lethal concentration of the chemical
  2. Safe concentration of the chemical
  3. Minimum required dose of antibiotic


LGIL has full-fledged microbiology division for testing the quality of water and food. Consultancy services are also provided to sort out problems related to environment.


Quality Certification Unit of LGIL’s Microbiology division:


The following are for quality estimations according to IS/BIS norms


  1. Microbiological examination of Drinking water
  2. Microbiological examination of waters for shrimp culture practices
  3. Microbiological examination of Food stuffs (feed & food)
  4. Microbiological examination of Cosmetic products
  5. Microbiological examination in Air samples
  6. Microbiological examination in Frozen shrimp
  7. Special Activities LGIL Microbiology Division